We have classes for everyone at The Pet Republic!
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Classes Offered

Little Puppy
(8 – 14 weeks old)

Big Puppy
(14 – 20 weeks old)

Classes Offered

Level 1
(Over 20 weeks old)

Level 2
(Graduated Level 1)

Level 3
(Graduated Level 2)

Classes Offered


Hectic Hounds
A therapeutic class geared towards pups who are bark-y and lunge-y on lead due to hypersociability.

Scaredy Pup
A therapeutic class geared towards pups who are highly fearful but not prone to reactivity or aggression.

Polite in Public
A comprehensive introduction to the skills needed to be happy, calm and prepared to gain access to public spaces while doing therapy or service work. 


Classes Offered

Urban Agility
Over, under and through! Make the world into your agility course with urban agility.

Get your sniff on! Practice nosework with your pup for a mental enrichment activity that lets your pup use their nose the way they were born to. 

Rally Obedience
Team work makes the dream work! Work side-by-side with your pup to complete the course and reach the finish line.

Classes Offered

Loose Leash Walking
(Graduated Level 1)

(Graduated Level 1)

Cooperative Care
(No prerequites)

Brew Dog
(Graduated Level 2)

Classes Offered

Private Lessons
For topics such as Puppy 101, recall, welcoming home a new dog, or basic obedience.

Behavior Consultations
For topics such as reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, or resource guarding.

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