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Our team of experienced trainers are available for private sessions covering topics from picking the right puppy and welcoming them home, to reactivity and aggression, and everything in between.

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Private Lessons

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Daily Missions

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Private Session or Behavior Consultations:
Which one is best for you?

Looking to work one-on-one with a trainer, but not sure which session type is best for you? No problem! We can help you determine the best way forward based on your training goals, your pup’s history and your lifestyle.


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Take a look at our frequently asked questions for more information about our private sessions.

What happens at a Private Session?

Each session will consist of an assessment portion (the talking and asking questions portion where your trainer works to create your plan or see how it’s going) and training plan implementation (the doing portion.) As you might expect, the assessment portion of a private session will be longest in a 1st session while we are just setting up your plan and shorter as your sessions continue.

How long is a private session?

About an hour.

How much do private sessions cost?

Private lessons cost $125 for a single one hour session, and we offer a 3-pack at $337.50. Behavior consultations cost $150 for a single one hour session, and we have a 3-pack for $405.

I want to work on outdoor behaviors (Leash Reactivity, Poor Recall, General Fear) should our session be outside?

To best set up both owners and dogs for success, we recommend initial consults for these skills take place indoors at our studio. This allows both you and your dog to learn the new skills you will need in a low stress environment. Subsequent sessions take place outdoors once the dog and handler have had time to practice.

Who can attend?

Private sessions are for the whole family, so whoever is interested may attend the session.

How long will it take you to fix my dog?

This is a tough one that we get asked frequently! The journey of every dog is different. Together, you and your trainer will guide your dog on the path towards optimal behavior. How far you get on that path depends on MANY factors, some of which are out of our control (past history, case severity, medical issues and genetic factors), some that are within the owner/handler control (training plan adherence and frequency, family buy-in, and management) and some within the dog trainer’s control (proper assessment, making sure to impart excellent technical training technique and the anticipation of potential roadblocks.)

This is just a long way of saying: every dog is different and therefore every training journey we take with them is different. Many families see us for private sessions just once, and many families with more nuanced or severe cases see us more. However, through our many years of providing consultations, we know the average private training client sees us between 3-5 times. 

What methods do your use for training?

We are a LIMA-based facility, meaning we use the least intrusive, minimally aversive methods to train and modify behavior without pain or fear. We focus on using positive reinforcement to teach the dog what TO do. We do not use e-collars, prongs, or choke collars.

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