Tackling separation anxiety is a coordinated team effort involving you, your pup and your Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. The best way to treat it is through individualized training that addresses the root cause and consistently sets your dog up for success. We require a 4 week minimum commitment to embark on this journey, as that’s the shortest possible period of time that will allow us to properly implement the initial protocol, adjust it based on your dog’s needs and see meaningful behavior change.

Cost: $850
Duration: 4 weeks

What’s Included

Initial Virtual Session (1 hour)
Virtual session with your Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) to discuss history, expectations, management strategies, and live assessment.

Daily Mission Creation (4-5 days a week)
Customized missions based on your dog’s starting point, their needs and their progress.

Regular support and feedback (4-5 days a week)
Separation anxiety is a stressful journey for both human and pup – and you will not be alone as you navigate it.

2nd Live Assessment
A live view of your protocol in action, observed by your CSAT, to reassess.

All teams interested in the Separation Anxiety package are required to complete a 15 minute phone call with a trainer to determine whether this is the correct package type for your dog’s needs.


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