Basic Manners Week 4 Videos

Take it/Drop it

Watch how fun Pam makes giving up a toy! Also notice how the dogs waiting their turn get rewarded for the hard job of exhibiting patience.

Auto Check with Lily Strassberg!

Metro Pets trainer Lily Strassberg works with Addie the Swissy to show us how to really ramp up the distraction while training on this auto check, a great thing to practice when working on our loose leash walk. Look at Addie resist that meatball! The voice behind the camera is Marjie Alonso from IAABC and the New England Trainers Network

Leave It

Watch Tab work with this dog from session one. Teaching Leave it is easy if you break it down into little, manageable steps!

Tricks Montage

Kikopup and company sure do not a lot of great tricks! Take a peak and see which one you like, or make up one of your own!


Greetings on the street:

Being polite can be hard, but given a better choice, this puppy has no problem learning to say hello appropriately. Remember, good dog training sets our dog up for success is a variety of situations.