Registration Confirmation

Congratulations! You have successfully register for a class at the Pet Republic!

What’s Next?

 Puppy Class: 

  • A Hungry Puppy: We want our puppies ready to work so feel free to reduce their meal portion.  
  • A container with 3 kinds of tasty treats: Or get some at the Pet Republic. 
  • A Flat Buckle Collar or Harness: This class involves socialization, so no prong collars please
  • A 6 Foot Leash: Retractable leashes easily get tied up, so straight leashes only. 
  • Proof of Vaccination: A copy of your pups most up to date vaccination record.

 Basic Manners Class:

Your first class is for human learners only, there are no dogs at this class. You may bring proof of vaccination to your first or second class. 

Advanced Classes:

Please Note:  Unlike Basic Manners your first class DOES include dogs, so bring them along!