Meet The Trainers

Lisa McEvoy- BS, KPA CTP

Education and Experience

B.A. Psychology, University of Vermont
Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior

Professional Memberships and Affiliations:

  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • United States Dog Agility Association
  • Canine Performance Events
  • New England Trainer’s Network
  • Operation Delta Dog

Training Philosophy:

Lisa focuses on using evidence-based methods to achieve desired behaviors, as well as strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners.

Areas of Interest and Expertise

  • Agility
  • Operant conditioning
  • Clicker training
  • Reactivity in dogs
  • Service dog training

Kim Melanson: BFA, CPDT-KA

Education and Experience:

  • Professional Dog Trainer since 2001
  • Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Counseling Certificate from the SF-SPCA


Professional Memberships and Affiliations:

-Association of Pet Dog Trainers
-International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
-Consultant, Save-a-dog Rescue Sudbury Ma
-Founding Member, shelter for Shelter Dogs Animal Rescue League of Boston

Training Philosophy:

Kim's training philosophy is solidly based in techniques that are humane and based on science. Her strategies seek  to build communication and a lasting relationship with your dog.

Areas of Interest and Expertise:

-Canine Behavior counseling
-Obedience Training from basic to Advanced
-Puppy Training and Classes
-Shelter Volunteer Training
-Implementation of evaluation and rehabilitation programs and shelters and rescue organizations


Alison MacDonald, KPA CTP

Education and Experience:

  • KPA Certified Training Partner
  • Susan Friedman Living and Learning with Animals Certificate of Excellence
  • Don Blair Nosework Seminar


  • New England Professional Groomers
  • IAABC 
  • New England Trainers Network
  • Member or Performance Scent Dogs
 Competition and Showing
  • Conformation Handler German Shepherd
  • Nosework Trail Competitor
  • NW1
  • PSD Exteriors Title
 Clubs and Groups
  • -Foster for New England Brittany Rescue
 Areas of Interest and Expertise
  • -Desensitization and Handling for Nervous/Fearful Dogs
  • -Puppy Acclimation to Grooming and Intrusive Handling
  • -Nosework Classes and Competition
  • -Reactivity in Dogs

Celine Yang: BS, KPA CTP

Education and Experience:

  • Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional graduate
  • Ken Ramirez Advanced Training Topics Seminar
  • Michele Pouliot Canine Freestyle and Platform Training Seminar
  • 13+ Fenzi Dog Sports Academy courses


Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP)
  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Alumnus
  • Performance Scent Dogs (PSD)
  • National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW)
  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor via Do More With Your Dog 


  • Nosework 2 (NW2), 3rd Place Overall
  • Scent Dog Advanced (PSD-SDA)
  • Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD)

Training Philosophy:

Celine utilizes positive reinforcement training methods to strengthen communication between dog and handler. She strives to maximize engagement from the dog and to learn and honor each dog's choices and preferences. Celine's ultimate goal is for her dogs to view work as play and play as work!

Areas of Interest:

  • Building confidence in fearful dogs
  • Fostering trust and cooperation during handling
  • Separation anxiety
  • Managing thresholds in dogs prone to frustration
  • Shaping trick behaviors and chains
  • Toy play, personal play, and novel reinforcers
  • Nosework
  • Agility
  • Canine Freestyle