Basic Manners Week 3 Videos


Mat Training

Kikopup walks about how to introduce the mat to your dog and how to apply it to a crate and a different recall training.

Why should dogs have all the fun? Cats can mat train too!


Leave It:

The “Leave it” command is critical to a safe, happy household. Kikopup demonstrates how to reward the behavior in tiny steps and work your way towards a goal.

 Loose Leash Walking:

Gracious Greetings

This video is a favorite! Watch this trainer guide his dogs through the scary Twilight Zone of the mysterious door knock!


A longer video, but a really interesting one. As you can see trainers have problem dogs too, and Kikopup herself was in trouble! by breaking things down into small steps, we are able to work slowly and methodically towards success. You’ll see a lot of this weeks super charges in action here!